Why we started Mohana

Sometimes hard things can transform into the seeds of something new and beautiful. The story behind Mohana is no different. Three years ago, our founder, Dora, found out that her mother had ovarian cancer. Her health journey alone with PCOS was nothing compared to seeing a loved one go through this experience. Many of us learn to master the art of treating our symptoms as normal, just because "others have this too". But when you witness first-hand what untreated symptoms can escalate to, it is hard to accept that.

While we could speak volumes about the pain that led us to create Mohana, the real takeaway perhaps lies here: Every woman should have a chance to turn their health around when it is still early, not treat symptoms as normal, and feel empowered to make their symptoms heard.


Meet the people behind Mohana.

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, united over a shared passion for using science and technology to create better health outcomes for women. We're fortunate to be joined by a team of medical advisors from endocrinology, gynecology, and nutrition science, to realize our vision for a precision platform that empowers women to be the champions of their own health.

Headshot of Dóra Jámbor
Dóra Jámbor
Co-Founder & CEO

As a scientist from MILA, the world's top research institute for AI, and as an ex-data scientist from Shopify with a background in personalization and recommender systems, Dora is passionate about using data to personalize healthcare and help people understand their own biology better. Outside of Mohana, she is an avid runner, a passionate yogi and a wannabe-contemporary dancer!

Headshot of Andrew Polidori
Andrew Polidori
Co-Founder & CTO

Andrew is a repeat-founder with more than a decade of experience in cloud, devops and web engineering. As a long-term biohacker himself, he could not be more excited to combine his passion for precision health with Mohana's mission. He knows that no two people are the same, so why should their health treatments be? When he's not hacking on cloud architecture, he loves rock climbing, cooking and bothering his cat.

Headshot of Surabhi Joshi
Dr. Surabhi Joshi
Head of Science

Subi has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering where much of her research focused on modeling coupled phenomena like diffusion and deformation that ubiquitously occur in many biological systems, including our bodies. Motivated by her prior research and her own health challenges, as our head of science, she leads the efforts behind our core scientific knowledge base. Subi enjoys cooking, long walks, swimming, and yoga.

Headshot of Cecilia Portnoj
Cecilia Portnoj

Cecilia is a Sociologist and Nutritional therapist with a passion for eating behaviour and personalized nutrition. Cecilia is the founder of Lagom Health, specializes in weight management, food relationship, gut and hormonal health. She joined Mohana as an advisor working closely with our science team to create the scientific knowledge base behind our precision engine.