Take charge of your hormonal health

At a dead end trying to find a solution for PCOS, infertility, acne, PMS, bloating, irregular periods, mood swings or insulin resistance?

We are building a precision health platform to help you understand what is going on inside your body, with data.

Get your hormones back on track

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Treating the source,
not the symptom.

Ever been told that there's nothing you can do about irregular periods, hormonal acne, polycystic ovaries, hair loss, mood swings, bloating? Were your symptoms brushed off as "normal", or were you simply told to just take the birth control pill?

At Mohana, we take these signals of our bodies seriously. We believe that being in good health for the long-term requires finding and treating the root causes of hormonal imbalances.

How it works


Get informed about your body

Mohana helps you navigate what lab tests are relevant in finding out about possible disruptors behind your symptoms.


Complete your tests

Request your doctor to perform the right tests for you or use our at-home testing kits to get your results done quick and easy.


Understand what you can do

You receive a health report about your current health status, and a list of the highest-impact, scientifically-backed recommendations to improve your symptoms.


Track and improve

Use our app to make your health progress visible. Log your symptoms, your period, and your current interventions, and see how you are improving.

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Science tailored to your unique body

No more searching symptoms online and trying to find answers on your own. Backed by a team of doctors, scientists, and researchers, Mohana brings you reliable science-backed recommendations, personalized to your unique biochemistry, symptoms and lifestyle.

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We help you know what to test for

Finding treatment options without knowing the potential sources of your hormonal imbalance is hard.

Mohana is changing that by creating a tool to help you navigate what tests are applicable to your unique circumstance, and to get those tests done.

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We're getting ready for our beta release to our first 100 signups. Be among the first women to receive a personalized health analysis with science-backed recommendations tailored to your unique body.

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Women supporting each other.