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Understand what's behind your hormonal symptoms with our comprehensive hormonal testing, and know your options for how to improve them.
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Recurring symptoms are a reality for many women.
So is their dismissal.

Mohana is here to change that. Our integrative approach to hormonal care combines comprehensive lab testing with a precision health plan. This makes it easy for women to not only understand possible explanations behind their symptoms, but also to know their options for improving them.
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A simpler path to reaching your health goal, with precision.

Get support for a diagnosed condition
Ease your hormonal transition
Controlling appearance-related symptoms
Improve your fertility
Extending reproductive longevity
Optimize your health

Start with the root cause

Acting on hormonal imbalances without understanding the underlying problem is very difficult. Mohana makes it easy to choose and complete the necessary lab work, fully tailored to your unique symptoms.

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Mohana's precision health app.
Mohana's precision health app.

How it works


Health Assessment

Complete our assessment about your symptoms, cycle and health background, and identify your health goal.


Complete our test

Take our carefully designed at-home blood test to understand the current state of your hormonal health.


Receive action plan

View how your biomarkers relate to your symptoms, and receive our action plan uniquely created for you.


Track & improve

Make your health progress visible by using our app to track your symptoms and by taking a follow-up test.

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Mohana's precision health app
Mohana's precision health app

Know where to put your efforts

Trial-and-error is expensive and takes years. Mohana's precision engine makes it easy to know where to invest your efforts by bringing you the most impactful science-backed recommendations to improve your target symptom.

Unleashing Precision Recommendations

Navigating scientific literature can be overwhelming. Mohana's precision engine is your shortcut to clarity. Our precision engine automates the process of finding, reading and parsing what science-backed protocols are relevant to your unique body.

Technology meets
integrative health

Our advanced technology complements conventional hormonal care with an integrative, patient-first approach. This approach empowers our users with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.

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Healthy body, healthy mind.

We set out to empower
women, and it's working.

"It made me feel seen and less alone."
"It made me feel less alone, like someone finally took the time to acknowledge and explain my symptoms and offered an adequate solution."
"I can now understand the root-causes of my symptoms."
"It is very empowering: although I am not a healthcare practitioner, I now have the capability to understand the root-causes of my symptoms."
"Mohana breaks an infantilizing circle in healthcare."
"I feel like this knowledge has been gatekept for so long, that I never was granted the tools to get what was going on in my hormonal system. Mohana breaks an infantilizing circle in healthcare. Thank you so, so much!"
"I felt empowered and hopeful about my ability to improve my symptoms."
"I finally could understand what each biomarker value means and how they connect to my symptoms. I felt empowered and hopeful about my ability to improve my symptoms."
"A science-based approach fully personalized to my symptoms."
"The amount of details is incredible. I love how Mohana reconciled a science-based approach fully personalized to my symptoms with blog-like display of recommendations.
"Everything is so well-explained and tailored to me."
"Everything is so well-explained and tailored to me. I finally feel like someone qualified took the time to CARE about what I care, and I genuinely got moved."

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